Silveron Health Products - Elk Antler Velvet

Pure Canadian Elk Velvet

Increased mental and physical energy
Anti-stress and mood enhancer
Increased strength and stamina
Balanced by Nature

Elk Velvet Antler - The Unique Food Supplement
Elk Velvet is an ideal food supplement with a wide range of benefits, naturally produced for your mental and physical health. This health-enhancing food supplement has been used in the Orient for over 2000 years. In the Western World, we are only recently discovering its amazing qualities. People who take Elk Velvet report feeling younger and leading healthier, more active lives. In an unpredictable world full of demands, we suggest Elk Velvet to calm your nerves and strengthen your body.

Velvet Antler & Ginseng - An Ideal Combination
Feeling tired and worn out?

Why not try Velvet Antler with Ginseng, a super-natural formula. An all-natural blend of nature's most potent plant and animal foods for a super-health body and mind.

Pure Canadian Elk Velvet and Pure Canadian Ginseng Root ideally complement each other as a nutritional food supplement. Our natural ginseng is grown in Canada's Okanogan Valley, home to some of the best ginseng root produced in the entire world. Ginseng has been used for centuries in the Orient for its benefits for stress and energy. The Chinese have long believed that ginseng increases longevity and improves general health, appetite, and memory. It is commonly used in the US and Europe by athletes as a herbal supplement to enhance energy. Japanese medical researchers conducted a study in the mid-1980s showing that ginseng root increases total work output on a stationery bike by 23.3%. Russian scientists, in a study conducted in the 1960s and verified again in the 1980s, claim that ginseng root increases mental performance. Other studies show that ginseng root increases overall health. We believe ginseng root combined with Elk Velvet is the ideal food supplement.